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  • Would you like to rent a motorbike or take a guided motorcycle adventure tour?
    Enjoy your motorcycle vacation to the fullest with VIETMOTORS.
    we strive for perfection in all details of our tours, rentals and sales.
    We offer:
  • Well-designed Tour.
  • Regular service and well-maintained brand name motorbikes.
  • Good quality helmets and other accessories.
  • Supportive help in English & Vietnamese.
  • Low prices.

Motorbike Rentals and Sales

  • High quality motorbikes for expats.
  • Free servicing and support.
  • Easy cancellations from all our rental contracts
  • Three to Six month warranties on all sales.
  • Offices in Hanoi and HCM allow for an easy pickup and drop-off.
  • All motorbikes under warranty and breakdowns are paid for by Vietmotors.
  • Set prices for day rentals and long distance travelling over periods of 30 to 90 days.
  • Many motorbike models are said to be the most reliable and best performing motorbikes in Vietnam.
  • Travel Vietnam for up to 30 days for just $200 on the Honda Blade our most popular motorbike.

Customer Reviews

100% positive

(Nederlands) Ik heb alleen maar goede ervaringen met Mr.Viet en zijn monteurs: eerlijk en afspraken nakomend. De monteurs kunnen alles maken en zijn heel trouw. Hij zal je geen wrak verkopen of onveilig wegsturen. Service 100% betrouwbaar. Als je eenmaal bent geweest, kom je weer terug Erik Sprokkereef (gekocht: SYM Wolf 125cc, rijd er al… Read more “100% positive”


never regretted choosing Viet and His Team to Trust

Viet Motors is the bike rental and repair standard in Hanoi. You will not find anyone else, who provides quality bikes as well as service and maintenance. His prices are the standard local charges, and you have mechanics who are experienced and know what they are doing. A manager “Mr Viet” who can communicate in… Read more “never regretted choosing Viet and His Team to Trust”


definitely recommend taking old motors to him for repair

Vanila A friend of mine suggested that I take my recently acquired, in much need of repair Cub to Viet. I called Viet on Sunday to check that he was open and would be in so I could drop my Cub off and discuss repairs. I pulled up and noticed his mechanics grimace – was… Read more “definitely recommend taking old motors to him for repair”

professional and friendly service

Just bought a scooter from Viet who runs Viet Motors. Right from our first phone conversation I received professional and friendly service. Viet has quite a variety of bikes for sale ranging in price and custom designs.He has guarantee maintenance options on all his bikes and is transparent with the quality of the bike’s parts.


Never been disappointed for 3 years

Boeboe Nach fast 3 jahren treuer kundschaft bei Viet ist es nun an der zeit etwas mehr zurueck zu geben als nur meine rechnungen zu bezahlen. Viet ist mit abstand einer der ehrlichsten und verlaesslichsten motorrad dealer in Hanoi. ob gekaufte bikes, oder gemietet fuer freunde die mich in hanoi besuchen, ich wurde bisher nie… Read more “Never been disappointed for 3 years”

Great Service

Caleb.bierton Vietmotors was recommended to me by a good friend of mine recently. I had a big of a bike crash, and wanted to do a bit of an overhaul and fix the old girl up. Patch up a lot of tiny faults and give her a new paintjob. My front forks were bent out… Read more “Great Service”