Manual Win and Lifan

The Win and the Lifan are the most popular manual motorbikes for traveling in Vietnam and you'll see such a lot of backpackers riding a Win or Lifan. They are so common that most...

New Honda Blade 110cc

Semi-automatic scooters are perfect choice for discovering the country! Great for sightseeing and easy to handle and operate. MONTHLY RENT PRICE:  1 mil Vnd per month Deposit: 3 mil Vnd or passport with Vietnam Visa.  

Super cub 50 Super cute!

700usd pick up now!

SH Mode (Automatic )

Discover the beauty and charm of Hanoi while enjoying the freedom and excitement of riding a scooter. Both single and double seating scooters are available from VIETMOTOR

YAMAHA XT & SEROW 250 (Manual)

The YAMAHA XT & SEROW 250 are serious bikes – Taking whatever you throw at it, the most favorite and reliable Dirt/Trail Bike for Off/On-Road motorcycle tours in Vietnam. MonthlyRental - 3 mil Vnd per month -...

Vespa (Automatic)

Vespa, perfect for cruising around town. Whether you are looking for a sightseeing adventure around Hanoi City or searching for that perfect bowl of PHO , scootering provides a cool and comfortable way to ride...

Honda 67 (Semi- manual)

Honda 67 with the new SEATS, Price: $500 without warranty (warranty plus 50$)

HONDA Shandow 750cc (Manual)

HONDA Shandow 750cc. Timeless styling, V-twin power and value that will make your head turn. The Honda Shadows, big-time cruisers with full-size looks and 750cc performanceline. Price: negotiate        

HONDA XR 150CC (Manual)

HONDA XR 150CC Monthly City Rental - 3 mil Vnd per month - Deposit: $1000 Sale Price - $3000 new or $1500 at around 50,000km - 6 month warranty Dual sport motorbike!

Thai Dream (Semi- manual)

Thai Honda Dream Sale Price $600 at around 30,000km 3 month warranty

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