definitely recommend taking old motors to him for repair


    A friend of mine suggested that I take my recently acquired, in much need of repair Cub to Viet. I called Viet on Sunday to check that he was open and would be in so I could drop my Cub off and discuss repairs. I pulled up and noticed his mechanics grimace – was my Cub really in such bad shape? Apparently… Viet was very patient, listening to my superficial complaints – indicator lights, horn, speedometer – and then pointed out that my main concern should be the engine itself and the racket it was making – he even turned on a fixed up Cub he had so I could hear how the engine should sound. He pulled out a bag with engine parts in it and showed me which parts it sounded like needed replacing and how they all fit together. Without opening the bike up, he quoted absolute maximum $70 to fix everything by the next afternoon. He gave me a loaner bike to use and sent me on my way. The next afternoon Viet called to let me know that my Cub was ready and that he had had to make additional repairs to my ignition (frayed wiring) and the battery but kept the cost below his original quote. He took his time to show me the repairs and explain basic maintenance. I definitely recommend taking old motors to him for repair.

    My only complaint is that when I dropped my bike off, he ignored me for about 15 minutes while making several phone calls related to his travel business. But I can overlook that for an English speaking mechanic who takes the time to show me how it all works.